♥Let me share my dream brunch with you

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♥Let me share my dream brunch with you


*I can say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. If it's good it can give such a powerful kickstart for the day:) A real good and hearty breakfast fills you with loads of flavours, colours and if it comes with a great company it will feed not only your body but your soul too:)* *** MENU: ++Main course:++ **curry inspired sweet potato hash browns and omlette with loads of herbs** **fresh/ steamed greens with spicy sambal or my favourite satay peanut sauce** ++Dessert:++ **my clean gluten-, sugar-, diary free pancake** ++Drink:++ **superfood smoothie bowl with my homemade granola (green/red berries)** *** *Please keep in mind that my menu is always chaning depending on the inspiration I get day by day and your preferences. I can customize all the dishes according to your taste or diet:)* *** *I know that coffee is missing from the menu but don't worry about that. The thing is that I love good quality speciality coffee, and what i love more if it is served for me in a proper way:) Luckily there is a coffee revolution going on around the city so what about having a coffee at one of my favourite spots which is only two minutes walki from my place:)* *** *You can find several fancy breakfast spots around the city, and I also enjoy trying them. BUT I always feel a lack of something when I eat out. Sometimes there is not enough greens on the side of an egg dish, or there is not at all. Sometimes the portions are too small, or I just simply cannot chose between two. Sometimes I just cannot decide sweet or savoury breakfast I long for, but having both would be either too much or too expensive:D That is why I always end up making satisfying brunch at home for us. Let me invite you to try it and decide:) I have to tell that my meals may not be the usual breakfast dishes actually they can be eaten all day.*
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