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2 days Monofin Freediver Course

2 days

Our Monofin course consists of:

  • one theory session
  • dry sessions and stretching
  • one pool or confined water session 
  • three open water session

Details of the course:

- Knowledge Development

  • History of the monofin, origins of finswimming, crossover into freediving
  • Monofin construction and design, current manufacturers and how to choose and fit your fin
  • Equipment for use with the monofin and how it differs from other freediving equipment
  • How to care for and transport your monofin safely
  • Freediving categories which use the monofin 

- Dry training to develop the body for monofin freediving

  • Warm up and breath up procedures
  • Stretching

- Pool or Confined Water Session 

  • Perform apnea swims using monofins for a maximum distance of 50m
  • Practice style and technique 

- Open water Session 

  • Vertical positioning and duck dive practice with monofin 
  • Maximun depth of 15 m during the course
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2 days Monofin Freediver Course
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2 days Monofin Freediver Course

2 days Monofin Freediver Course

2 days
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