Old Delhi culture experience tour

Old Delhi culture experience tour

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Travelling is not just sightseeing but also experiencing different things wherever we go. Our experience is a deep culture familiarization and an activity which gives insight to the local life. Old Delhi is a place rich in culture, history, architecture and many other things. Built as a walled city by Shah Jahan, every building or block of the city has something interesting to tell. We walk through the inconspicuous lanes and alleys to explore the city in a deep and comprehensive way. Houses in Old Delhi are ‘Havelis’ which have their own unique kind of architecture and features. We will witness the pride of all those majestic havelis in which families have been living for generations.

The most interesting thing about Old Delhi is that it is India’s largest wholesale market and there are associated markets for everything in dedicated places. People have been living in Old Delhi for generations and have been managing their family businesses. Even educated people abroad return to their place because they love living in Old Delhi. We will interact with them, listen to amazing stories and tales associated with their lives and experiences and culture of Old Delhi.

The bustling streets are always crowded due to the presence of numerous rickshaws, carriages and bullock-carts. However, it is so interesting to see those people living their busy lives and doing hard work without being bothered about luxury. All of them are pretty friendly and open to share their knowledge of their home city, and we can see the passion in their eyes. When we ride rickshaws and experience the hustle, we will get to know how life in Old Delhi flourished.

Food is a part of the local culture of any place, and it is always connected to the location and eating habits. Our experience begins with a breakfast of traditional dishes. Then we will try our hand at making a local dish. We will stop over for some delicious snacks which are exclusive and unique to Old Delhi and learn more about cooking practices and eating habits of people in the city.

Old Delhi is a place where people from all walks of life live in harmony and it must be witnessed by every traveller. We will visit places of worship to learn more about spirituality, local beliefs and worship practices as well. We will get blessed by temples or Gurudwaras and get nourished spiritually too. In Chandni Chowk, people from Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, and Jain communities live in harmony and mutual respect, thus adding to the beauty of the local culture.

In Old Delhi, let’s not forget the local sports, The Pigeon Flying Game and Kite Flying Game. Our experience is enriched with interesting stories associated with these games and their origins.

Asia’s largest spice market is situated in Old Delhi, and it is on every traveller’s bucket list when they are in Delhi. Interesting stories, location and sheer size make it a fascinating place to visit. We will enjoy the panoramic views of Chandni Chowk which was once the pride of the Mughal Empire. To sum it up, our experience is a combination of culture, food and heritage. A thorough tour in Old Delhi with an English speaking local friend and photographer who will make an online album of your tour for your memories!

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