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20 min Flyboard Session

20 min
Make your own way to JBR area in Dubai and meet your expert instructor at your chosen flyboarding time.

Listen to a safety briefing and instructions on how to operate your flyboard. Similar to a snowboard with two sturdy boots on top, the flyboard is connected by water hoses to a jet ski. Water is then forced through jet nozzles to thrust you above the water into the air. Riding is relatively easy, and with a little co-ordination, you should be flying successfully within a few minutes!

When you’re ready put on your two-way communication helmet and strap on the boots and board connected to a jet ski waiting offshore.

Then, feel your adrenaline rush as the powered jets lift your flyboard and you above the water. Ride the board as your instructor provides instructions through the two-way helmet radio and controls the throttle.

Practice tilting your board to steer, and spin, roll and skyrocket higher into the air to soar above the sea — it’s an exhilarating experience. If you’re confident enough, perhaps try advanced maneuvers such as low hovers and donut turns, or dive down into the water, dolphin style. After around 10 minutes, your flyboarding experience comes to an end when you return to land.
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20 min Flyboard Session
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