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Buon Appetito (Homemade-Italian)

*The menù includes: 1st and 2nd course; dessert + coffee; water, sodas or beer;* *** MENU ++1st course:++ **REAL HOMEMADE; GNOCCHI :Plain, with spinach or squash;** **Pasta;** **Risotto;** Available sauces: - Carbonara ( "The real one") - Bolognese' sauce; - Squash and Bacon; - Butter and Sage; - Pesto or Pesto and Cherry Tomato; - Tomato Sauce; - Gorgonzola and Walnuts; - Speck and Mushrooms. - Ham and Mushrooms. ++2nd Course:++ **Juicy Carrot's sauce Chicken/Pork/Turkey and Polenta;** **Milky Chicken/Turkey/Pork and Polenta or Potatoes or Veggies;** ++Dessert:++ **Homemade's Tiramisu or Crostata with freshly homemade Jam.** **Coffee.** ++Drinks:++ **Wine, Beer and water. You can bring your own bottle**
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Buon Appetito (Homemade-Italian)
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