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Same Day Full Day Excursion To Pushkar from Jodhpur

1 day
You will be met with our Trip Representative in your Jodhpur Hotel / at the Pickup Point You Mentioned and drive to Pushkar for explore your full day doing sightseeing of Pushkar.

Everyone has his or her belief and disbelief. The reason for pilgrim spots gaining prominence is due to the belief in people as they consider making such pilgrimage is an essential part or duty of their life. While some places that are attached pilgrimage status have temples and more temples of historical importance, some have temples and other attractions that are connected to history, cultural heritage and sometimes entertainment as well. Pushkar in Rajasthan is one such place. Journey to Pushkar is considered the ultimate pilgrimage as it is said that after visiting four spiritual places in the country, Pushkar has to be visited to attain salvation. Spiritual importance apart, Pushkar offers a feast to your eyes and spirit to your minds with its stunning beauty and various entertainments.

Things to do in Pushkar:
1. Pushkar Lake
2. Brahma Temple
3. Savitri Temple
4. Apteshwar Temple
5. Varaha Temple
6. Rangji Temple
7. Man Mahal

You can Explore as per your Intrest and Time available for Visit. Later on, Move to Jodhpur or we drop to another city (Subject to confirmation)
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Same Day Full Day Excursion To Pushkar from Jodhpur
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Same Day Full Day Excursion To Pushkar from Jodhpur

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