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Trekking Np Paklenica

If there was ever a morning worth getting up early, this is that morning. Our small expedition called Trekking Paklenica Park leads us into the most famous trekking and rock climbing national park in Croatia. It covers the area of torrent flows of Velika and Mala Paklenica and their distinctive canyons carved vertically into the southern slopes of Velebit, and the broader surrounding area. This relatively small area has an abundance of exceptional diversity of geomorphologic phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature. Having adapted to the geographic and climatic environment, the residents mostly engaged in nomad stock herding, which is confirmed by mountain shepherd residences. The fact that many people stayed in mountain residences in summertime is reflected in the ruins of numerous sacral buildings: churches, chapels, altars, holy hills and measures. The name Paklenica probably derives from black pine sap called paklina, which the locals used in traditional medicine, for wound treatment, for light and for coating of wooden boats. Trekking is the only way to really get to know Paklenica.
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Trekking Np Paklenica
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