Jungle Tour, Hot Spring, Emerald Pool And Elephant Trekking
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Jungle Tour, Hot Spring, Emerald Pool And Elephant Trekking
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Jungle Tour, Hot Spring, Emerald Pool And Elephant Trekking

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Witness the sacredness of the Tiger cave temple,a giant Buddha on the top which boasts a spectacular 360 degree view of krabi. Relax in the natural jacuzzi of the Hot springs and let the healing minerals do their magic.After the dip,a splash in the Emerald pool is a refreshing experience. Wrap up your tour with a ride on Elephant,enjoying the scenery!! THE TIGER CAVE TEMPLE Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi is. Located 9 kilometres from Krabi Town,The actual Tiger Cave is set into the limestone cliff in which the monks live and meditate. There are many stories of how the Tiger Cave got its name, some say there are Tiger paw prints set into a wall, others say that the shape of outcrops resembles a Tiger paw and another says that an actual Tiger used to live in it.The monks teaches a form of Buddhism called Vipassana (insightful meditation), which is based on the teachings of the earliest Buddhist texts and is also a famous meditation retreat. Climb to the Giant Buddha at the top,Please dress respectfully and please remove shoes before walking onto the ceramic tiled area around the Buddha. THE HOT SPRINGS The Hot Springs are about a 40 minute from Krabi Town (1 hour from Aonang).Copper in the water gives the stony deposits an Emerald green color and surrounded by the green jungle the place is simply relaxing. The water is a constant 35 degrees and is provided by several hot springs which combine into a river which flows down a waterfall. There are many natural water worn hollows in the rock in which you can lie and let the healing minerals do their work. There is also an area of man-made pools that are fed by the same water. EMERALD POOL The pool is surrounded by green forests and very shady. The color of the water stands true to its name. The water of the pool is crystal clear. Even one can witness the sound of little creatures like frogs. Please remember that these areas are National Park. If you do take any plastic water bottles or snacks in plastic wrappers, please take the empty wrappers and bottles with you when you leave. ELEPHANT RIDE Take a ride through the Krabi jungle on an elephant. The gentle rock of the elephants walk is very soothing and the almost silent movement means you get that much closer to the wildlife. After the ride you can take some time to feed the elephants a few tasty morcels, they are very well cared for elephants and well accustomed to the presence of people. Then perhaps even watch them having a bath. The experience of just getting this close to an elephant is going to be one of your most memorable Krabi activities and kids will remember the experience for life. The elephants were actually here a long time before tourists arrived. In fact Krabi owes its very existence to elephants. The first mentions of Krabi in the history books were as an outpost for the purpose of rounding up wild elephants and domesticating them for forestry work, building, lifting and exploration. So, next time you see an elephant, remember that you are looking at one of the real natives of Krabi. No upgrade possible for this tour.
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