Kayaking At Bor Thor With Elephant Trekking
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Kayaking At Bor Thor With Elephant Trekking
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Kayaking At Bor Thor With Elephant Trekking

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Paddle through the beautiful, narrow cave rivers of Tham Lod Cave and admire the stunning stalactites that hang ominously overhead. Paddle to see Tham Lod Tai a cave tunnel under the limestone mountain where many splendid stalactites and Stalagmites guard the entrance. Travel to Tham Pee Hua Toh and wander through its stunning limestone formations. The scenery are mesmerizing and huge limestone formation at first sight will take your breath away. The mangroves are quiet and serene and make for easy paddling with no waves, although certain areas near the caves can get a bit tricky. As you kayak enjoy the view lazily. The stalactites and stalagmites are quite marvelous.Ban Bor Thor caves is a peaceful serene mangrove forest beautiful in its own right. Than Bok Khorani National Park is not far from the middle of Ao Leuk, Krabi (48km from Krabi Town). It's a beautiful national park with a variety of attractions including walking trails, waterfalls and lots of places where you can swim. It's a great place for a relaxed day out and a picnic. It is definitely worth a look and there's plenty of other things to see around Ao Leuk including mangrove forests, caves with prehistoric paintings, islands, snorkeling and kayaking. Elephant Trekking: Elephants are awesome. Get upclose and personal with one of the world's largest animals. Elephants have been a part of Krabi's history for longer than tourism. Krabi itself started life as a Camp to catch wild elephants and put them to work in the towns on the East Coast and Bangkok. Elephants were used like modern tractors and in some inaccessible places, they still are used for dragging logs. They were also used in wars and were and still are highly revered. Your Krabi elephant trek begins when you arrive at the Elephant Camp and get to meet your elephant. If this is the first time you have seen an elephant really close up, take the time to take in the sheer scale of the animals, they are massive. You'll get to really experience just how delicately these massive creatures pick their way along the rainforest trail. An elephant trek will be an experience you really will remember. The elephants are well cared for and well fed at this elephant trekking camp. Travel by elephant is a great way to travel without disturbing the wildlife and birds and you'll get to see and hear more than you would with any other form of transport. You could upgrade to Private Transfers for same tour.
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