Electric Bike Tour of Red Rock Canyon
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We pick you up and transport you from the heart of Las Vegas to the beautiful scenic byway of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Starting from the Red Rock area, your tour guide will fit you to your Specialized Electric Turbo bike. With a brief ride, you familiarize yourself with the basic operations, then embark upon your adventure through Red Rock.

You will tour along a smooth 8-foot wide bike lane on the national scenic byway either with guide support, or on your own, depending on the package you choose.

For the guided tour, a professional tour guide accompanies you along the canyon’s paved scenic byway, and shows you around all the scenic and historic highlights along the way. Highlights include the historic Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and the Old Western Town and Petting Zoo of Bonnie Springs, both nestled in the shadows of the 3000 foot, 650 million year old Red Rock Canyon Thrust Fault. The approximate mileage for the guided tour is up to 20 miles. Riding the 13 mile scenic loop is not part of this tour. 

If you choose the Rental with pick up and drop off option, you have the option of starting from the shop in Summerlin or Red Rock Canyon. You must make that decision when you book. If you decide to start from the shop, expect a 33 mile round-trip ride (approximately). If you decide not to ride the BLM scenic loop, your ride will be approximately 22 miles. Riders choosing to be dropped off at the Red Rock Canyon entrance station, expect a 25 mile round trip ride (approximately). If you choose not to ride the scenic loop, you will ride approximately 12 miles. This option is unsupported and you will be responsible for fixing flats or adjustments and being back to the meeting place at the agreed upon time. If you ride the BLM scenic loop there is a $5 dollar entrance fee that is not included in purchase price.

For the rental option we supply, bike, water, a map and directions. After riding through the canyon, you either return along the scenic byway and Summerlin bike path to the Las Vegas Cyclery bike shop or to a separate meeting location depending on tours we are running at that time, where you can catch a scheduled ride back to where we picked you up at. Depending on your pace, you may have the option to pay $5 to tour the BLM scenic loop on your own as well. 

Either way, guided or rental, the bike you will ride is a Specialized Turbo, offering the most advanced electronics on the market. The bike employs patented pedal assist smart technology which matches the bike power to your pedal power, stroke for stroke. You have the option to select the amount of assistance you prefer, whether turbo (double) or econo (partial) or recharge (reverses the power flow for downhills). Whichever method and speed you choose, you will be able to ride the canyon and enjoy the sites with plenty of fresh air and energy to spare.
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