Shakespeare's Globe + Afternoon Tea
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Shakespeare's Globe + Afternoon Tea
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Shakespeare's Globe + Afternoon Tea

About this activity
To tea or not to tea? That is the question! This guided tour of Shakespeare’s Globe is particularly poetic when accompanied by that most English activity: an elegant afternoon tea with a A Midsummer Night’s Dream theme, featuring foods the characters eat in the play.
Shakespeare could take you to any time or place he wanted with just words - many of which he coined. So it's fitting that Shakespeare's Globe (built in 1599) is such a magnificent recreation of the theater where his plays were first performed. Its faithful Tudor exterior and thatch roof (the only one in London) are preludes to the theater itself, which has been reconstructed in authentic 16th century detail.
Stepping inside is just like stepping back into the Elizabethan era. You’ll see how theater was experienced in the 1600s - the standing area for the working-class groundlings (they literally stood on the ground) and the tiered, wooden seating for the monied members of society. You'll learn how his plays were, in the day, the equivalent of Star Wars or The Godfather : lively, popular entertainment for all.
You’ll visit the Exhibition which will round out your picture of Shakespeare himself, the London where he lived and wrote, and just how raucous life could be back then.
And, after the tour: the final act. Afternoon tea in the elegant Swan Bar, with its beautiful views of the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Themed as per A Midsummer Night's Dream , you’ll enjoy classics that are mentioned in the play - think mulberries (the tree under which Pyramus and Thisbe agree to meet), pea flower (the flower from which Oberon’s love potion is squeezed) and a host of sweet and savory delights.
Did we mention the bespoke crockery, reflecting the themes of the play? It's been especially designed by illustrator Annika Wester. Oh, and there's a glass of Prosecco too. As Shakespeare said: "Good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used." And the wine in this case, is very well used.
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