Iximche the Mayan wonder
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Iximche the Mayan wonder
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Iximche the Mayan wonder

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About this activity
Iximche is a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican archaeological site in the western highlands of Guatemala. The site's name, Iximche derives from the Mayan words "Ixim" (maize-corn) and "che" (tree), resulting in "Place of the Maize tree." Iximche was the main city of the Kaqchikel Mayan people, founded in the Razumiat mountains by Kikab the great in 1470 A.D. and after the abandonment of Chaviar, (Chichicastenango). The city was governed by four lords, Tzotzil, Xahil, Tuchche and Acajal, who were in charge of all administrative and religious affairs, including war. You will feel powerful energy on this Mayan site. It is still in its original unrestored form. During the tour Iximch, learn about the Mayan culture, building systems, and the breaking of the Maya worldview by the arrival of the Spaniards. Sometimes, visitors can come and witness a real - Kaqchikel Mayan ceremony, an event that does not occur for tourism purposes or profit, but because it is part of the continuity of Maya who have a history of more than three thousand years. On site, we will take a local guide who will read the nahual (protective spirit and guide) of two of the visitors and give advice about capturing energy from your body to find balance in your life.
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