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Situated in downtown Prahran, just off Chapel St. David's is a favourite for foodies & locals. The restaurant blends traditional Shanghai dining in a casual and modern way. Here, the concept of communal, family-style cuisine & dining meets casual elegance. David Zhou brings his family dishes to life, and blends them with traditional Shanghai ingredients, for a unique dining experience for all. Our aim is to make you feel like you've come home. David's is known for its Country Comfort cuisine with favourites such as our Sticky Pork Belly & Chat Potatoes, Peking Duck & our weekend yum cha is an institution among Melbourne's foodies. UNLIMITED YUM CHA - Saturday and Sunday - 11:30am & 1:30pm BYO - Wednesday - Saturday Lunches Sunday - Thursday Evenings (wine only $10 per bottle - Tue free corkage)
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