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Four Seasons - Shenzhen - Zhou Yue Xuan

The name “Zhuo Yue Xuan” translates into “Excellent Chinese Cuisine” referring to the dining concept is brimming with global appeal but remains uniquely Chinese in taste and feel. We are pleased to introduce our new standard of Cantonese Cuisine and to be one of the exceptional Chinese restaurants in Shenzhen. The restaurant will have the warmth of traditional Cantonese cooking though being innovative in the market in both taste and individual presentation. For lunch and dinner we will specialize in “sophisticated and delicious Cantonese dishes”, highlighting freshness and consistency in quality. Our menus will offer not just luxury ingredients but also less elaborate and classic Cantonese preparation. We explore local delicacies like dim sum, seasonal doubled boiled soup, live catching seafood and mouthwatering barbecue meats, look out too for the rustic regional dishes on the special.
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Four Seasons - Shenzhen - Zhou Yue Xuan
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