Let's Make Flower Maki and Temari Sushi Near Tokyo Tower!

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Let's Make Flower Maki and Temari Sushi Near Tokyo Tower!


MENU • Starter Our signature soup, Osuimono ( Clear broth Soup) • Main course Two kinds of Sushi , Temari and Flower Mosaic ( about 8-10 pcs) Three Side Dishes • Dessert Tea and Japanese Dessert • Drinks: We can discuss it together It is very accessible via public transport. ***** About the dining experience Learn the basics of making Temari and Flower sushi by joining this informative, engaging and unforgettable cooking class. Starting with the perfect sushi rice and dashi, you will be introduced to the freshest ingredients to sample and understand how the flavor of each works together. From scratch you will learn the techniques necessary to do this at home with your family and friends from Japan who grew up doing it everyday. This course includes : Lunch Souvenirs Information sheet and recipes Photos and videos of the class These cooking classes focus not only on cooking, but will also touch on the history behind sushi and Japanese cooking. At the beginning of class, you will be briefed on the history of sushi as well as trivia. Then after the introduction, you will proceed to make the perfect sushi rice, which is key in making delicious sushi. Next, you will be introduced to key Japanese ingredients, that are a crucial part when trying to achieve authentic Japanese flavors. This is the perfect opportunity for you to actually feel, smell and even taste the basic ingredients of authentic Japanese cooking. Then you will make Dashi, an incredibly simple broth which is one of the culinary cornerstones of Japanese cooking. This Dashi will be used for Osuimono, Japanese clear broth soup. Next, you will make some beautiful, flower mosaic sushi and temari (ball-shaped sushi) that are almost too beautiful to eat! You will be taught the basics as well as some important techniques and other ingredients that you can use to help enhance the taste and presentation of these gorgeous rolls! After taking this class, you can be assured that you will be able to easily impress your friends and family with the skills that you have learned, and you might even be able to make rolls that look even better than those at Japanese restaurants! Once you are done making sushi, you will have some time enjoy your beautifully crafted rolls with the Osuimono soup, a complimentary dish, green tea and some seasonal wagashi, a Japanese dessert. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss! Location & Neighbourhood We are located in Central Tokyo, the classes are only a 30 second walk from Azabujuban station and a 10 minute walk from the Tokyo Tower. There are two bus stops close to us, Azabujuban and Ninohashi. We are in a very convenient and accessible location.
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