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Escape Hunt Experience Sydney

1 h
Grab a group of friends for a 1-hour escape adventure. Designed based on computer games such as 'Myst' and 'Crimson Room', your game will have you racing against the clock as you try to solve puzzles and cryptic messages in order to find the key to escape.

Dress up as the famous London detective, Sherlock Holmes and use a mix of skills and wits to gather clues and answer riddles. Make sure to pick a good group of friends to work alongside as you’ll need to work as a team to find the suspects identity and therefore make your escape. 

Escape Hunt Sydney offers 4 different adventures - Secret Service Mission (NEW) for Beginner / Intermediate players, Robbery in the Cottage (Beg / Intermediate), Extortion in the Dockyard (Intermediate) and Assassin in the Pub (Advanced).

Each private room holds between two to five players and comes with your own dedicated game host who is there to assist you. If you have a larger group, between 6-10 players, you'll be set up in an identical room where you will race against the clock to try and beat the opposing team.

At the end of your adventure, relax in the lounge and enjoy a complimentary tea and biscuits. Sit and chat about the experience and immerse yourself in the mystery as you dress up as Sherlock Holmes for a fun photo session.
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Escape Hunt Experience Sydney
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