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A ghost town polar bears and a night in the camp

3 days

At the end of Billefjorden, we enter Adolfbukta where we slowly proceed towards the glacier Nordenskiöldbreen. Small pieces of ice swimming in the bay remind us that the glacier, in all its beauty, also bears a danger as it slowly but steadily moves and calves into the ocean. Therefore, we enjoy the scenery in safe distance and see if we can spot seals or polar bears.

Lunch will be served on the ship before we make our way towards Pyramiden at the edge of Mimerbukta. Pyramiden, which literally means “the pyramid” is a small abandoned Russian town named by Swedish geologists after the characteristic pyramid-like mountain-top nearby.

We leave Pyramiden shortly after arrival and start hiking towards the camp, approximately 8 km west of the town. We walk through Mimerdalen until we reach our camp at a small lake, where we set up our camp and introduce you to the polar bear safety basics for camping in the wilderness. After that we hike up the slope of Yggdrasilkampen in order to get the view over the area: Odindalen, Munindalen, Mimerdalen, Pyramiden, and the glacier we passed by with the ship earlier that day. It is worth bringing the tripod up here as the view invites you to compile some panoramas. From here we can also see some of the places we are going to visit the next day. Please see the schedule below for more details.

On day three, after we had breakfast, we will leave and hike back to Pyramiden where we will have dinner. Then we take you on two guided tours in Pyramiden: One given by a local Russian guide who will introduce you to the history of the ghost town. The second tour has its focus on photography and provides the guest with the necessary time to picture the coal mining installations and the old buildings from outside as well as inside. Hundreds of Black-legged kittywakes have taken over some of the buildings and offer shots that might be even too close for the zoom lens!

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A ghost town polar bears and a night in the camp
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A ghost town polar bears and a night in the camp

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