Costa Rica Hot Air Ballooning - Ballooning in San Carlos
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Costa Rica Hot Air Ballooning - Ballooning in San Carlos
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Costa Rica Hot Air Ballooning - Ballooning in San Carlos

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We take off in the balloon approximately 20 miles east of Arenal Volcano. Sometimes we are blessed with breaks in the clouds so we can ascend above and sit atop a foamy sea of white, where our only company is the majestic (and often puffing) Arenal volcano. We don't fly close (there's real danger in approaching the volcano — we maintain at least 15 miles from the base) but sometimes we have a view that can only be seen from above the clouds. Our real goal, however, is to fly low over nearby rivers, fields, and forests, to play with the clouds, to frolic with the birds, and to laugh with the animals. The forests of this area are filled with monkeys and iguanas, and sometimes we can get a full chorus calling up to us from the trees. Balloons take about 30-45 minutes to inflate, a fascinating process. You are in the air from about 45 minutes to over two hours. The average flight is about 1 hour 15 minutes. Some of the best fun is trying to find a place to land -- no trees, no rivers to cross, and a place where the 4x4 chase vehicle can reach. The whole process, from inflation to pack-up, takes 3 to 5 hours. (By the way, on the biggest canopy tours you are airborne for less than 5 minutes -- the rest of the time you are waiting your turn on platforms between zip lines). The joy of flying in the balloon is to experience the wonder of flight, open and free and in harmony with nature. Well trained pilots — well maintained balloons Serendipity's hot air balloons are expertly maintained by inspectors trained by the Ann Arbor, Michigan manufacturer of the balloons. Inspection and repairs are made in accordance with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and our pilots hold international (ICAO) pilot licenses for balloons, valid for balloon flight throughout the world. We have chosen to keep ballooning intimate, the way it should be for everyone who wants to fly — a pilot and at most 5 people in a traditional open wicker basket, with everyone joining in to help launch and pack up. Serendipity, by the way, has the only balloons in Costa Rica.
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