Belvedere Palace 2.5-Hour Small-Group History Tour in Vienna

Belvedere Palace 2.5-Hour Small-Group History Tour in Vienna

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Meet your guide in the morning or afternoon at the Belvedere complex, an architectural masterpiece of a bygone aristocratic splendor designed to project a sense of earthly harmony. This terrestrial utopia was founded in the first decades of the 18th century as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy, one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history. Among the significant buildings is the grandiose palace of the Upper Belvedere, a masterstroke of Baroque architecture.

The surrounding formal gardens were inspired by classical antiquity. The great water basin in the upper parterre, the tiered fountains and cascades peopled by nymphs and goddesses, the marble statues of gods and heroes, the intricacy of the wrought iron gates still testify to the legacy of Eugene’s significant patronage of the arts.

In the Upper Belvedere, your guide will help you to explore the Baroque elements of the Festive room, and after the one-hour excursion to the grounds and palaces, your guide will give you an introductory hour-and-a-half tour to point out the Art Museum’s highlights, such as David’s well-known canvas “Napoleon on The Great St. Bernhard Pass” from 1801, where propagandist pathos melds with the artist’s fiery boldness. In a different way, Caspar David Friedrich’s atmospheric “Seashore in the Fog” combines romantic introspection with metaphysical symbolism in a sensitively, precisely painted maritime landscape. Austrian painting in the era of Biedermeier is represented by Friedrich von Amerling’s emotive rendering of familial affection in “Rudolf von Arthaber and his Children” (1837) and by Friedrich Waldmüller’s “The Morning of Corpus Christi” (1857), where the realistic reproduction of sunlight is the major compositional means of demonstrating the sacred on earth.

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