The best travel bloggers in Dubai to follow in 2020
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The best travel bloggers in Dubai to follow in 2020
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The best travel bloggers in Dubai to follow in 2020

Before travelling to a new destination, you need to look for information about it, the best places to visit and things to do, the culture of the country, different travel lifehacks and useful tips. All this information can be found in numerous Travel guides. But the best sources are locals or travelers who have visited this destination. No one will tell you about Dubai better than a blogger who has lived there for many years. Therefore, we have made a list of the best bloggers from Dubai who share with their readers recommendations and useful tips about traveling to Dubai.

The Travel Hack: The Travel Blogger’s Guide to Dubai

Monica is a British travel blogger. Since 2009 she il travelling full time, discovering different countries and sharing her experience with other travellers in her blog. Before Monica travelled to Dubai, she was looking for the best guides to the city of Dubai. She was searching for the best places to go, the best things to do, where to eat and drink and what to do with children. According to Monica, travel hacking is “About getting as much out of every travel experience as possible. It’s about travelling more, seeing more, doing more, experiencing more and getting more for your money.”

dubai miracle garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

World Travel Family: Dubai Travel Blog and Guide

It is a blog about a family which is travelling with kids to expand their horizons and education for more than 6 years. After visiting Dubai, they go a lot of useful information for their readers. In their blog World Travel Family they share experience about about Dubai. You will find there travel guides about fun camel-riding, belly-dancing and dune-jumping adventure in the desert. Also, the travel family will tell you about their experience of living in Old Dubai. Also, you will find there a useful information about the dancing fountains performance at the Burj Khalifa, as well as some tips, guides, things to do, places to stay and much more about trip to Dubai.

The poor traveller: DUBAI TRAVEL GUIDE with Budget Itinerary 2019

This blog tells you how to travel if you are limited in time and budget. Its authors give recommendations about how not to spend more than necessary during the holidays. The comprehensive Dubai Travel Guide was created with plenty of help from locals based in Dubai. It has recommendations on where to stay, what to do, and how much to spend. The Dubai Itinerary Guide also includes a detailed budget breakdown.

dubai world islands
Dubai World Islands

Dubai Travel Adventure

Shahid Ashraf, the owner of the blog, is a freelancer by profession and a travel blogger in Dubai by passion. His job is web development in UAE. In his travel blog, Shahid shared his trip experiences, tours reviews and gives recommendations about the best hotels. On you will find everything about the best beaches in Dubai, complete Dubai Safari guides, a review of Dubai Dhow Cruise, facts about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, general Dubai rules for tourists, interesting information about UAE and much more.

While I'm Young

Dannielle is a 27 years old travel blogger from Isle of Man, living in North East England. She has visited over 45 countries and have lived in Edinburgh, NYC and Dubai. Dannielle was running While I’m Young blog alongside a ‘normal’ job for years. However, when she settled back in the UK after working in the Digital department at one of the world’s best airlines, she decided to focus on blogging. So, Dannielle became a full-time travel blogger. I her articles, Dannielle shares the best itineraries in Dubai, as well as the best places to visit, things to do and other travel tips and tricks.

tourist in dubai
Tourist in Dubai


This blog belongs to a Catalin Marin, an award-winning photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in architectural, hospitality and interior photography as well as corporate portraits and lifestyle images. Passionate about photography, Catalin has been internationally recognised and his work has been featured by Nikon, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet Middle East, National Geographic, Time Out, Mondo*ARC and Geo Magazine and others. In this blog you will find the both exciting travel photography and stories about travel adventures throughout the world.

I Am Ella

Ella calls herself a “professional vacationer”. She is a 25 year old girl currently living in London and enjoying life to the fullest. Ella has been travelling since I was a little girl. According to Ella, “There is no greater gift in life than being able to travel around the globe, explore the world and enjoy everything life has to offer”. She is also a big foodie, so in her articles you will also find great recommendations about the best places to eat. Ella creates quality content about Dubai and she already worked with many hotel chains, airlines, tourist boards, fashion designers and other lifestyle brands around the world.

Dubai Travel

Dubai-travel is one of the major tour operators in Dubai. Since 1979, they offer various tours and activities in Dubai, sea cruises, desert trips, sightseeing excursions, Burj Al Arab visit, Abu Dhabi trip and much more. With many years of experience, they know everything about Dubai. The company also has a travel blog. The best city attractions not to miss in Dubai, tips for adventure seekers, Abu Dhabi travel guide, everything about Desert Safari experience and much more information you can find at Dubai-travel’s blog.

old dubai
Old Dubai

Dubai City Guide & Bookings features a simple travel guide for everything you need to know about this fascinating city. The guide will help you plan and book your perfect visit to Dubai. Whether it is for business or pleasure, the information included is highly beneficial for all. With a large range of economical and luxurious hotels you can't go wrong. The guide takes you through the interesting history, geography and economy of Dubai, along with details on important Travel Tips and Visa Requirements. You can find there the vast information on Activities, Attractions, Cinemas, Festivals and Exhibitions in Dubai. Furthermore, offers a list of Nightlife options for those who want to make a party. For those who love food, there is a large variety of restaurants to choose from. Also, Dubai is considered to be a shopping destination. The guide features all the famous souks and markets held in Dubai.

Dubai Travel Blog

The blog owner, Ed, has been living in Dubai for over five years. Together with his wife, he visits the most interesting places in Dubai and then talks about them on his blog. He shares information about tourist attractions, best hotel to stay at, food shops, culture, different travel lifehacks and other interesting things about Dubai. In Ed's articles you'll find out where to get a Balinese couple massage in Dubai, what are the best vacation hotels, where to eat at a discount and about nightlife in Dubai.

dubai fountain evening show
Dubai Fountain evening show

Dubai Tour Pro

Sharing essential information about holidays in Dubai, is a Dubai travel guide to follow in 2020. Whether you are looking for the information about things to do in Dubai, places to visit, Burj Khalifa visit, best food spots, shopping in the Arabian city or anything else, at you will find all the necessary information. This blog will help you to prepare an excellent trip ad to have a great holidays in Dubai and UAE.

City Tour In Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai to explore its culture, desert safari, shopping mall etc? At you will find travel guides to make a memorable trip to Dubai. The blog is run and managed by Mr. Deepack, a travel enthusiast with more than 10 year of experience in tours and travel industry. Here you can find everything you need to know about popular festivals in Dubai, interesting facts about Burj Khalifa, learn more about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, as well as discover the most amazing wedding venues in Dubai and much more.

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