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The best things to do in Prague

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic with a population of 1,301,132 people, as well as the administrative center of Central Bohemia. Since the Middle Ages, Prague has been considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In 1992, the center of Prague was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year, unique architecture, Czech hospitality, delicious cuisine, and famous Czech beer attract thousands of tourists to Prague. Here is the list of the most popular attractions and the best things to do in Prague.

Vltava river cruise

The Vltava is the longest Czech river, the length of which is 446 km. It begins in the Sumava Mountains and flows into Laba (Elba) near the town of Melnik. The Vltava is a national treasure of the country. In addition, the river is home to the oldest cities in the country, such as Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Ceske Budejovice. Today, one of the most popular activities in Prague is the Vltava River cruise. During the trip, you will see Prague Castle, walk under the Charles Bridge and see other famous historical and modern buildings. You will also learn new things about these buildings, the history of Prague and other interesting facts. You can choose from a variety of options such as an 1-hour cruise on the Vltava river, a cruise with lunch or dinner, or even an evening cruise with a jazz concert.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest Czech fortress, stretching along the top of a hill on the left bank of the Vltava. This is a major historical, political and cultural center of the country, founded in the 9th century. You can enter the Prague Castle from Hradcany Square through the front gate, where the guard of honor is located. Every day at noon there is an honorary change of the guard. Under the square there is a museum with exhibits discovered during excavations. Also in the palace, there is the Royal Garden with Queen Anne's Summer Palace as well as the Singing Fountain.

Cesky Krumlov

Česky Krumlov is a small town located in the south of the Czech Republic, a three-hour drive from Prague. The city is famous for its stunningly beautiful castle. It has a beautiful medieval architecture. It has a beautiful medieval architecture. The best way to get to know the city is to stroll along the small streets with colorful houses. During the Česky Krumlov Day Trip from Prague, you will discover the beauty and history of the Czech countryside in southern Bohemia, visit Cesky Krumlov Castle and the famous Black Tower of Cesky Budejovice. Try also traditional Czech dishes during the trip and enjoy the atmosphere of this small fairytale town.

Beer Tour

Czech beer is part of the country's national culture. The profession of a brewer is considered among the Czechs as one of the most prestigious and respected. The Czech Republic has been producing beer for over a thousand years. Also, it is the most popular drink in the country. One Czech adult person drinks an average of 160 liters of beer per year! Prague is called the beer capital of Europe. Each district of the city has its own brewery. During the Prague Beer Tour, you will discover some of the finest taverns with city experts and taste the best sorts of Czech beer. Also, you will learn how Czech beer is made and why it is considered the best in the world. Your guide will tell you how to drink both local and other secrets of the Czech beer culture.

Prague City Tour

Prague is a city with a rich history, culture, and architecture. Dozens of cobbled streets and colored houses have kept many secrets since the Middle Ages. It may take you many days to discover this amazing city. If you don’t have much time, take a Prague One Day Sightseeing Tour, that will let you know more about the capital of the Czech Republic. During the tour your driver will take you to the city’s famous sites, like the State Opera, National Museum and Wenceslas Square. Also, walk around the castle courtyards and discover St. Vitus Cathedral. Visit the most interesting and significant places of the city, such as the former Jewish Quarter, the Old Town Square, see the St Nicholas Church, the Tyn Cathedral and the historic Old Town Hall.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a symbol of Prague, the city’s most popular attraction and the second stone bridge across the Vltava in history. It was not the first bridge connecting Prague Castle and the Old Town. Charles Bridge’s story is connected with magic, astrology, and secrets. The date of the beginning of construction was long calculated by the court astrologers. Finally, they got a combination of numbers "1357-9-7-5-31". Therefore, they decided to begin construction on July 9, 1357 at 5:31 a.m. Construction was completed in 1402. Thanks to the Charles Bridge, Prague improved its image and became an important stop on European trade routes. Today, this place is also an important attraction and a must-see in the city. The bridge is decorated with many stone and bronze sculptures. One legend says that if you touch any sculpture on the Charles Bridge with your hand and make a wish, it will come true.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter (Židovské Město), or “Josefov” in Prague, is one of the oldest and largest centers of Jewish culture in Central Europe. Jews lived here since the Middle Ages. The Czechs managed to preserve the most valuable monuments of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern architecture in the Jewish Quarter to the present day. The Quarter covers only 9 hectares and on its territory is the largest Jewish Museum in Europe. Also located here are the Spanish Synagogue, Klausova Synagogue, Pinkasov Synagogue, Jewish Town Hall, the Old Jewish Cemetery. Another interesting thing about this place is that in 1883, Franz Kafka was born here.

Karlovy Vary trip

Karlovy Vary is a Czech spa town with 13 healing springs. These sources can improve health and cure many diseases. The city was discovered in 1358 by the great Czech king Charles IV, in whose honor it was named Karlovy Vary. During the hunt, the king was impressed by a breathtaking view of the valley and the river with hot water. Since then, Karlovy Vary has become a popular Czech spa city. Karlovy Vary Day Trip from Prague will take you 1 day. During this tour, you will visit the city of Karlovy Vary, including a glass exhibition at the Moser factory, sip the water from the mineral springs, and delicious local herbal liqueur.



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